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Choose Your Catering Style. Call us to Customize and Make your Event a Memorable one!

(Minimum 8 People ​|| Taxes and Gratuities Not Included )
407-800-5088 Jenn

+ Make Memories & Celebrate With Us+
Available for in-store and off-site events


Care Boxes (Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Boxes)
Bubble Waffle Bar
Grazing (Charcuterie) Boxes for All Occasions (Customizable)
• Colorful Garden Salad (GF)
• 1/4 size Waffle with the toppings below
• Peach Iced Green Tea
• Regular Grazing Box: Fruits, Cheeses, Honey, Crackers, Cold Meats, Olives, Nuts.
• Flaky Bacon or Vegetarian Phyllo Quiche
• Whipped Cream (Topping)
• Passionfruit Mango Iced Green Tea
• Breakfast Box: Bacon, Sausages, Ham, Boil Eggs, Fruits, Cheeses, Mini Croissants, Baguettes.
• Mini Assorted Quiches (3 minis)
• Boba / Black Pearls (Topping)
• Iced Expresso Brown Sugar Latte
• Individual Grazing Cups: Reg or Gluten-Free or Dairy Free
• Mix Fruit Bowl
• Mix Fruit Bowl (Topping)
• Iced or Hot House Black Milk Tea
• Dessert Box: Fruits, Mini Desserts, Chocolate dip, Fruits, Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Nuts.
• One Cookie (Chocolate Crunch, Guava, PB and Chocolate chip Cookie, S'mores)
• Hot Tea Latte
• Gluten-Free/Dairy Free Grazing Box: GF Crackers, Gf Cheeses, Fruit, Honey, Deli Meats, Fruits
• One Ham/Turky/Bacon Cheese Croissant
• Passionfruit Iced Green Tea
• Gluten-Free Grazing Box: GF Crackers, Cheeses, Fruit, Honey, Deli Meats.
• One Small Chips bag
•Rainbow Jellies (Topping)
•Sparkling Cocktail Grazing Box: One bottle of Sparkling Cocktail 175ml, Meats, Cheese, Fruits, Honey, Crackers.
• One Tea Scone with Sweet Cream and Jam
• Rainbow Popping Pearl (Topping)
• Tea Tasting Grazing Box: Three Type of Teas of your choice, Assorted Tea Sandwiches, Scones, Fruits, Cheeses, Honey, Sweet Cream and Jam.
• Scallions & Cheddar Scones (GF)
• Boba/Black Pearls (Topping)
• Three Tea Finger Sandwiches (Cucumber, Turkey & Cheese, Egg Salad)
• Custard Pudding (Topping)
• Two small Macaroons
• Hot Coffee
• Two small Macaroons
• Custard Pudding (Topping)
  • For on-site catering and events at Bubble and Co.:

    • Booking must be made 2 weeks in advance.

  • For off-site, catering boxes:

    • Catering boxes can be ordered and picked up in 48 hours. Minimum 10 people or 10 items.

  • To reserve the whole space during regular hours:

    • Must meet the minimum of $600 for 2.5 hours max (includes 2 servers, table setting, and clean up.)

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Jenn at 407-800-5088

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