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{10" cakes - Serves 12}



Apple Caramel Bunt


Carrot Cake

2 inches high


Pear Almond Tart


Pumpkin Cheesecake


{These cakes are 4" tall}

Size & Servings                       Price 

6"   - Serves 12+                     $ 50

8"   - Serves 16+                      $ 60

(Both cake heights will be 5" tall)


Almond cake infused with amaretto liquor and finish with an Italian buttercream

Black Out

Chocolate cake, ganache and Chocolate Fudge icing


Alternating Checker pattern with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chocolate buttercream. (Great for gender reveal - Vanilla color can be changed to blue or pink)

Chocolate Mousse

Layers of Chocolate cake or Vanilla cake and Chocolate mousse, finished with Swiss chocolate buttercream

Coconut Cream

Vanilla cake infused with coconut syrup, layered with a coconut pastry cream and finish with coconut buttercream


Alternate layers of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry cake, filled with Chocolate ganache and Strawberry compote. Finished with Vanilla and Chocolate buttercream, topped with fresh Strawberries.

Up charge of $5, $6, $10 respectively

Pink Flamingo

Vanilla cake infused with Orange liquor and Ombre Pink Vanilla buttercream.

Rum Cake

Layers of Puerto Rican run infused cake, filled and layered with Italian buttercream

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