Bubble & Co.

+ Our Mission +

As an eco-conscious driven company, we thrive to reduce our carbon footprint on our Mother Earth as much as possible. Our materials are sourced from local vendors and our take-out products, such as the cups, straws and boxes are all biodegradable and are made from plant based.
With our innovative and eco-conscious bubble tea bar, Bubble & Co. offers a wide selection of freshly made beverages and treats in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.
* * * * * * * * *
- With the colors of the food and art filled environment, we hope Bubble & Co will become a place where our friends from all over the would could come together, socialize and make new friends -
Everything is made fresh, using real ingredients - real fruits, organic loose teas, and premium coffee from the local roaster - no powders or artificial flavors
Our decadent French pastries from De Azucar Bakery are baked fresh in our
kitchen daily. 
* * * * * * * * *
In this inviting space, our local artist, Mr. Page Quintana shares his inspiration with us in his unique and one of a kind style murals. 
You can share a message on the wishing tree to capture your travels and memories or to impart wisdom for the next traveler or local friends. Capture your memories and travels in front of the picturesque photo wall to share over social media. 
- Come in and let us delight you with life's simple pleasures and share that happiness with you -